Ryoma and Ryu are a Pound Purry and Pound Purry who are both actors.

Ryoma and Ryu
Ryoma and Ryu
Ryoma and Ryu, stars of My Dad, the Ninja


Ryoma: 20 human years old
17 human years old(Three years ago)
Ryu: 11 dog years old
8 dog years old(Three years ago)


Each other, Jeanie




Jeanie Purrington(Ryoma's Love interest)


Ryoma is a Japanese Bobtail with white fur and Ryu is a Shiba Inu with brown fur and white feet. Ryoma and Ryu both wear purple karate gi, green pants, headbands, and rarely Fox masks. Ryoma has green eyes and long, blond hair while Ryu has short, brown hair and is shorter than Ryoma. After three years, Ryoma and Ryu started wearing samurai armor.


Ryoma and Ryu are both good friends with each other. Ryoma is suave, charismatic, and friendly while Ryu is playful, pure-hearted, and sympathetic. Ryoma has a crush on Jeanie. Ryoma doesn't mind Dumbo's stupidity while Ryu is indifferent towards Dumbo. Ryoma and Ryu enjoy their careers as actors.


Ryoma and Ryu are both talented actors. They are also expert martial artists.


Ryoma and Ryu are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Ryoma and Ryu are from Tokyo, Japan.

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