This is Rusty and Lucy if they were leaders of their own Pound Puppy Division.

Rusty and Lucy(Pound Puppy Versions)
Lucy and Rusty Three Years Later
Rusty and Lucy, now leaders of the Pound Puppies Farm Division


Rusty: 43 dog years old
Lucy: 40 dog years old


Their new life, their children, harvesting, Saffron




Candy, Andy, Mandy, Randy, Tandy, Sandy, and Brandy(Children)
Saffron, Shiawase and Yorokobi, Ichiko, and Naoto(Descendants)


Grandpa (Rusty) and Grandma/Granny (Lucy)(By Saffron) Rodney (Rusty) and Lyra (Lucy) (by Igor)


Rusty now wears an orange shirt and blue overalls while Lucy wears a pink shirt, red pants and a pink bow. Lucy is also more skinnier than her TV series counterpart.


As the leaders of their new division, the Farm Division, they each carry high responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong. They also share a strong bond toward their children, as well as their descendents, including Saffron. Each of them enjoy growing crops and harvesting them.


Both are now studying agriculture. As their TV counterparts, both of them are immune to foods that are dangerous for dogs to eat. They can also play trumpets and sing.



This is a fan-made prediction of Rusty and Lucy made by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

According to their story, Lucy and Rusty were revealed to be test subjects for a medicine that makes every dog and cat immune to toxic foods like chocolate, onions, and garlic. That trait is also passed on to their pups.

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