Rover, leader of Neo Pound Puppies


18 dog years old


His friends


His sister getting hurt


Cresella(Younger sister)
Tokky, Steveno, Big Paw, Cooler (Friends)
Blacky, Antony (Enemies)


Rovy (by Starlia and Cresella)

Rover is the leader of Neo Pound Puppies. He is the brother of Cresella and he has a crush on Starlia. He also serves as an ally in the fan-made series.


Rover is a Labrador Retriever/ German Shepherd mix with white fur. His ears are black and a little long. Her necklace is amber found on his neck. His jacket is red and looks a bit like Cooler's jacket.


Rover is very cool and friendly, he has a bit of Cooler's personality. He is very intelligent and brave to fight. But he does not like a person hurts his little sister and he is very protective for her. Rover has a romantic relationship with Starlia as the relationship of Cooler and Nose Marie. He has a good heart and loves to always help his friends. Starlia and Cresella affectionately call him "Rovy". He is sometimes prone to have asthma.


Rover has a power that is revealed when the rest of the group saw a mysterious red light appear on him and he managed to beat Blackie with that power.



Rover is inspired by Cooler.

Originally Rover was going to be a Labrador Retriever as a Whopper and later his design change to Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix.

Rover is an original character created by Doly Carvalho

Rover is the second dog that his collar is orange because Cooler is the first dog that had two colors in his necklaces orange in the TV series and red in the film.

Rover is the first dog that revealed a new power, while Cooler has no power. It will be his power is the fire because of the color of his jacket.

Rover replaces Cooler because he is the new leader in the new generation of Pound Puppies.

His full name is Rover Rivera.

Rover hails from Anaheim, California.

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