Rosa is a member of the Unlucky Thirteen.

New Rosa
"Rosa, lover of Japanese culture"


5 human years old


Japanese culture, Sen Sen, tacos with cream cheese




Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Former Master)
Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller(Owners)
Kintaro and Hydra(Ancestors)
Sen Sen(Leader)
Stefan, Pan, Amster, Pablo, Hayate, Georgia, Franco, Rufus, Rita, Brass, and Tai Bo(Comrades)


"CatRaizer Avocado"


June 26th, 8000(Original birthdate)
June 26th, 2010


Rosa is a Siamese kitten with tan ears, tan fur and black feet. She wears a sky blue kimono with orange squares and a red sash. She has blue eyes and dark hair. She is the same height as Paku Paku. After she reformed, she started wearing a green bow and her height remained the same.


Rosa is a fan of Japanese culture. In fact, she even dresses up in Japanese attire. She is also loyal to Sen Sen, who she looks up to the most. Her favorite food is tacos with cream cheese, peanut butter and hot sauce. She had a strong dislike against dogs. After she reformed, she became friends with Igor. She speaks with a light Spanish accent.


Rosa has mastered swordsmanship despite her young age. She can also use her sword while dancing wildly. She can also play the shamisen.


Rosa is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Acapulco, Mexico.

Her CatRaizer name is "CatRaizer Avocado."

Her birthday is June 26th, 8000. In the present, she would have been born on June 26th, 2010.

Her full name is Rosa O'Shay.


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