Robert and Sandra were Holly and Howard's biological parents.

Robert and Sandra Connor
Holly's Parents
Sandra(left) and Robert(right) as they were last seen.


42 Years Old(Each)


Puppies, Kittens, their children


Katrina Stoneheart


Pound Puppies(Pets)
Katrina Stoneheart(Enemy)
Captain Slaughter(Robert's presumed brother/Enemy)


Present Day Robert and Sandra Connor

Holly and Howard's parents if they were alive today.

Robert and Sandra are middle-aged adults. Robert is a tall, muscular man with short brown hair. He wears a red jacket, a blue T-shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. Sandra has her brown hair in a bouffant haircut. She wears a white shirt, a red skirt, red socks, and pink sneakers.


Robert loves his wife, children, and pets. Robert is a good-natured man. He is sometimes over-protective of his children, wife, and pets. Sandra is kind-hearted and passionate. She is also tomboyish.


Like their children, Robert and Sandra are gifted with Puppy Power.


They never appeared in the original TV Series.

Robert and Sandra are fan-made characters created by Kangaleo007.

Sandra's bouffant haircut is inspired by Holly's haircut in Season 1 and Bright Eyes' haircut in Season 2.

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