Ridgeback is an exploring dog who joins the Pound Puppies.

Ridgeback 3 years later
Ridgeback the archeologist


19 dog years old
16 dog years old(Three years ago)


Archeology, adventure, cherry pie


Boredom, bad jokes, pineapple juice


Pencil and Black Pearl(Adopted brother and sister)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Rennie and Arlo(Parents)
Reba(Older sister)
Rocket(Younger brother)


Ridgeback, hence his name, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback with orange fur and red hair. He wears a tan shirt, brown shorts and a white tie. He is slightly taller than Cooler. After three years, Ridgeback started wearing a yellow jacket and a green fedora. He also grew longer hair and resembles TJ's hairstyle.


Ridgeback is brave, smart, and adventurous. He is good friends with Cooler and his family. He likes to hang around Sandra's library. He also enjoys eating cherry pie. He does not mind Dumbo. After completing one of his adventures Ridgeback would just relax and listen to classical music. Ridgeback also has a good sense of humor and is good at telling jokes. He has no tolerance for bad jokes and pineapple juice. He usually snores in his sleep.


Ridgeback is a good singer. Like Beamer, he serves as the Pound's interpreter. He is also a professional when it comes to archaeology. Ridgeback is also gifted with Puppy Power. Ridgeback is also flexible, as he can do most activities with his feet whenever his hands are full.


Ridgeback is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His full name is Ridgeback Q. Richardson.

He comes from Quincy, Illinois and studied at Oxford before his arrival at Holly's Puppy Pound.


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