Ricky was a member of The Rigs Brothers.

Ricky Rigs
Evil Ricky Rigs
Ricky Rigs, deranged to the last


17 years old(Deceased age)


His new life as a villain


His Brothers


TJ Rigs(Older brother)
Tony Rigs(Twin brother)
Joshua Rigs(Younger brother)


Ricky Rigs

Ricky Rigs before he turned to the villains' side

Ricky was the same age as his twin brother Tony Rigs. He had brown hair and dark gray eyes. He wore a blue shirt and red pants with black shoes. Despite being Tony's twin brother, he is the same height as Holly.


Ricky was always the least likeable of the band, mostly because while the rest of the band members were friendly, he always acted like a jerk. However, it was revealed that Ricky was a troubled child and harbored extreme hatred against his brothers. He was also reckless, as when he was diagnosed with heart trouble, he would have an even more explosive anger than Tony, he didn't care about his heart.

He eventually broke his bonds with the good side and became a villain.


Ricky's Demise

While battling against Tony and friends, Ricky vented his rage. Because his rage went to the extreme, Ricky died of a heart attack due to high stress.


Ricky Rigs is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He is the first fan-made character to die.

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