Rhoda is Remy's younger sister.

Rhoda, Remy's younger sister


14 years old


Her brother, dancing to rock and roll


Thunderstorms, cockroaches


Remy(Older brother)
Holly, Nose Marie, Rosy, Zany, and Victoria(Friends)


Rhoda is a thin raccoon with pink fur, a tan muzzle with tufts sticking out on her cheeks, black hands, a black marking on her face, and white feet. She wears a magenta Chinese jacket with purple sleeves, gray pants, a light blue cape, and a red bow. She has blue eyes, red claws on her toes, and dark hair. She is the same height as Holly.


Rhoda is close to her older brother, Remy. While she gains great intelligence and loves being a double agent for Holly's Puppy Pound, Rhoda is not very brave. However, her cowardice doesn't stop her from helping her friends when they are in danger. She is afraid of thunderstorms and cockroaches. Her favorite past time is dancing to rock and roll music. She is good friends with Holly, Rosy, Nose Marie, Zany, and Victoria. Rhoda is loyal to her mentor, Gamma.


Like Remy, Rhoda is an expert at spying and ninjutsu. She is practicing karate while training under Gamma. She is also skilled with a sword. Rhoda can play the violin. She is also very flexible.


Rhoda is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Remy, Rhoda hails from Remington, Indiana.

Her full name is Rhoda Henderson.