Raoul Seville Jr. and his sister Sarah are the son and daughter of the president of Seville and Seville Industries.

Raoul Seville Jr. and Sarah Seville
RJ and Sarah Seville
Raoul Seville Jr.(Left) and Sarah


Raoul Seville Jr.: 20 years old
Sarah Seville: 17 years old


Puppies, kittens, their new jobs


Their father's shenanigans


Raoul Seville Sr.(Father)


The name is Raoul. Raoul Seville Jr. of Seville and Seville Industries(Whenever RJ introduces himself)


RJ(By Raoul Jr.'s younger friends)

First Appearance

The Rise and Fall of Raoul Seville

Last Appearance

Happy Birthday, Bright Eyes!


Raoul Seville Jr is a handsome young man who wears a brown suit, a black tie, black pants, and gray shoes. He alo has angular eyes and neatly combed dark hair. Sarah Seville is a large young woman who wears a jade green shirt, magenta pants, and black slippers. She also has pinky cheeks and long, blond hair.


Raoul Seville Jr. is mature, moral, kind, and intelligent. He is good friends with Tony, TJ, Cooler, Beamer, DJ, Reflex, Momo, Marcus,and Jackie. He is indifferent towards Dumbo. Although he loves his father, Raoul Seville Jr. not only easily annoyed by his father's shenanigans, like unleashing dangerous robotic products to the outside world, but he also doesn't approve his father's crazy ideas. Sarah Seville is polite and kind. She cares about her older brother very much. She is also indifferent towards Dumbo. Each of them show respect toward the Vanderfeller clan.


Raoul Seville Jr. is good at playing the violin while Sarah plays the timpani.


Raoul Seville Jr. and Sarah Seville are fan-made characters created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Along with Saul and Rebecca, Raoul Seville Jr. and Sarah were last mentioned in Happy Birthday, Bright Eyes.

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