Randy, Sandy and Tandy are the youngest sons and daughter of Rusty and Lucy.

Randy, Sandy and Tandy
Tandy, Randy, and Sandy by a Bale of Hay
Randy(middle), Sandy(right) and Tandy(left)


6 dog years old each
3 dog years old(Three years ago)


Star Gazing, their family


Everything scary


Rusty and Lucy(Parents)
Candy, Andy, and Mandy(Older sisters and brother)
Brandy(Younger sister)

First Appearance

Star-Gazing Lovers


Randy, Sandy and Tandy are Plott Hound/Samoyed mixed puppies. Tandy has dark-vanilla fur and a marking on her left eye, like Andy, and wears a light green shirt, green pants and an aqua bow. Randy has cadet gray fur, short dark hair and wears a green shirt and jade green pants. Sandy has dark-gray fur and wears Gray fur and wears an aqua shirt and green pants. After three years, Tandy, Randy and Sandy started wearing colorful kimono with the letters "S", "T" and "R" on them. They also wear headbands that are the same color as their kimonos.


Randy, Sandy and Tandy usually get along with each other, unlike Candy, Andy and Mandy when they were first born. They also cared about their family and love to rest on bales of hale whenever they have no chores to do. Their favorite hobby is star gazing with their family at night.


All three of them are talented dancers, trumpet players and singers. After three years, Sandy, Tandy and Randy started practicing martial arts.


Randy, Sandy and Tandy are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

Tandy's name is not to be confused with a Puppy Cadet of the same name.

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