Puzzle is a robotic puppy invented by Howler, Amy, and Dexter.

Puzzle 3 years later
Puzzle the Robot


4 dog years old
1 dog year old(0.1 human year old)(Three years ago)


Gamma, Howler, Amy, Dexter, Iris


Thunderstorms, Fire


Athena, Amanda, Adella, Augusta, and Alena(Sisters)
Rojo, Milo, Polo, Kilo, and Lolo(Brothers)
Iris(Older sister)



Puzzle three years ago

Puzzle is a Black Labrador robot with dark fur. He wears an orange sweater with the letter "P" standing for "Puzzle" and gray shorts. He also has red hair. He is the same height as Carrie. Although Puzzle hasn't aged physically after three years, he has given new modifications, such as longer hair, and started wearing a yellow leather jacket.


Despite the fact that Puzzle is a robot, Puzzle is kind, pure-hearted, intelligent, and shy. Despite being shy, Puzzle is brave and with help his friends when they are in danger. He forms a strong and special bond with his new master, Gamma. He is afraid of thunderstorms. Puzzle often volunteers to help his friends with their chores. He is also cheerful and playful. He can't stand fire, because Metal melts to fire. He also loves his older sister, Iris. He is not bothered by Dumbo's stupidity. Whenever he is scared or crying, he goes to Iris and Gamma for comfort.


Unlike most robots, Puzzle is water-proof, meaning that if he goes underwater, he won't short-circuit. In addition, he can also eat regular food to boost his energy. Since he got adopted by Gamma, he became an expert of martial arts, muay thai boxing, tae kwon do, kung fu, capoeira, ninjutsu, sumo and judo. He also uses a sword in battle. He can also play the conga drum and bongos. Despite the fact that he despises fire, his outer skin is actually fire-proof.


Puzzle is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Smokey, Puzzle has Pyrophobia.

His codename is HRJ-001, meaning that he is the first robot built by Howler.

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