Pupzan is a dog who will appear in a remake of the TV Series.

New Pupzan
Pupzan the Jungle King


17 dog years old
14 Dog Years Old(2 human years old)(Three years ago)


His tribe, his godfather, the jungle


Those who harm his tribe, smelly perfume


Shun (Good Friend)
Pound Puppies(Good Friends)
Digit(Good Friend)
Laturna(Good friend)
Tiny(Good friend)
Ollie(Good friend)
Zigzag(Good friend)
Papyrus(Good friend)
Ranpu(Good friend)
Galena(Good friend)
Okaah and Otoh(Good friends)


I am Pupzan: King of the Jungle!(Battecry)

First Appearance

Jungle Puppies

Full Name

Percival Williams


Pupzan is a Scottish Terrier/Schnauzer who bears a close resemblance to Beamer, only that Pupzan has long, black hair. He also wears an orange leotard with black polka dots. After three years, Pupzan started wearing a green cloak and blue wristbands. His tufts also grew longer.


Pupzan shows great respect for the tribe of wolves who adopted him. He also shares a special, but secret bond with Wolfazar, who is his godfather and the greatest witch doctor there is. Pupzan is adventurous, clever, brave, kind and shows no hesitation to save his tribe and his friends from danger. Because of this, he was made chief of the fifty member tribe. He also treats his tribe as if they were his family. Pupzan isn't fond of perfume because he has a very sensitive nose. While is very considerate, when he first met the Pound Puppies, he rather bluntly(but not inappropiately) hit on Precious, but he was really only playing with Precious. He is good friends with Cooler and Beamer.


Pupzan shows his super strength, super speed, and keen sense of smell. He is able to lift boulders, run through the jungles at the speed of light, and can track the smell of a particular person or object. He is also gifted with Puppy Power. His howl can summon members of his tribe in the blink of an eye. Pupzan is also an expert at capoeria, which is a Brazilian style of martial arts. He can also play the castanets.



Pupzan is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918

Pupzan is a parody of Tarzan, a character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs who was raised by apes.

When he hit on Precious, he was really just playing with her. Pupzan has no love interests.

Pupzan was born in the United States and was raised in the jungle by his tribe after his biological parents and owners were killed in a plane accident.

His full name is Percival Williams.

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