Puppy Power Game is a maze game. Like Puppy Power, it is formerly seen on the Pound Puppies website. The game features the voice of Brennan Howard.

How To Play the Puppy Power Game

Your mission:

Cooler and his team are moving to Puppy Power. There has been putting scone left around The Museum. Can you help Cooler pick it up and get the puppies to Puppy Power? The fun is in getting it done!

The Museum:

Use the puppy to pick up the bone [you can only pick one up at a time]. Then quickly deliver them to the "the museum" away from Marvin McNasty who will try to grab items from you. Each time you drop off an item in the museum you'll get a Bone Point!

Marvin McNasty:

Watch out for Marvin McNasty who will try to grab the bone from you. Marvin McNasty is not allowed in the museum so you will be safe there.


  1. Use the left and right arrow keys to direct Cooler.
  2. Go to a puppy and get in.
  3. Walk over objects to pick it up.
  4. Press space bar to drop an bone off in the museum.


  1. Pick one bone (3x).
  2. Pick all the puppies in the museum.

Each level lasts 2 minutes.

Who Shall You Use?

You use 4 puppies to pick up the bone & Whopper, Bright Eyes, Howler & Beamer to be picked up by Cooler.


Bright Eyes doesn't have her yellow paw on her dark green shirt.

The phrase "That's what friends before!" is spoken by Nose Marie, although she dosen't appear in the game.


"Everything's under control."

"Let's go!"

"Oh no!"

"I have plans for you! (Laughs)"

"That's right."

"That's what friends before!"


"Uh oh!"

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