Puppy Power is an ability that first debuted in Episode 2 of the TV Series, How to Found a Pound.


Puppy Power is a magical ability in which only humans and animals with pure hearts can use. They use Puppy Power to communicate with animals, especially dogs and cats. Puppy Power can also be spread from one pure-hearted user to another.


Sometimes, Puppy Power comes in the form of twinkling stars, glowing eyes, or an aura surrounding the user.

Origin of Puppy Power

There is no clear explaination about who discovered Puppy Power or how Puppy Power is discovered. In Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, one possibility on how Puppy Power is created is when Arthur and Digalot pulled Excalibur and the Bone of Scone out of the stone. The source of Puppy Power is the Bone of Scone. If the Bone of Scone is broken, Puppy Power is destroyed. However, when Marvin McNasty glued the Bone of Scone back together, Puppy Power returned to normal. In The Star Pup, another possibility on how Puppy Power got its start is when the Pound Puppies' ancestors gave it to the kind-hearted humans after they were rescued. It is also said that a descendant of those ancestors is the Star Puppy, who is rumored to have the power to expel the forces of evil and bring peace to the world.

Users of Puppy Power

Users of Puppy Power
HNI 0031 Arthur Digalot Pound Puppies' Ancestors
Millicent Trueblood Arthur Digalot Ancestors of the Pound Puppies
HNI 0078 HNI 0005 HNI 0004 HNI 0080 HNI 0081
Cooler Nose Marie Bright Eyes Whopper Howler
HNI 0013 HNI 0014 HNI 0019 Jeff and Tammy HNI 0088
Beamer Reflex Holly Jeff and Tammy Dr. Simon
Colette King
Colette King

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