The Puppy Cadets are a group of dogs who assist Captain Canine in his adventures.


Captain Canine and Puppy Cadets 2

Captain Canine and the entire Puppy Cadet Squad

The Puppy Cadets are twenty one dogs who assist Captain Canine during his adventures. Most of them are skilled in Martial Arts while others have talents for machinery, swordsmanship and even cooking. Only Moon Spark, Sonar, Ferro, Ernst, Tempo, Stellar, Sombra, Nisshoku, the Elemental Cadets and Solar Ray are gifted with magic. They also carry weapons. Like Captain Canine, the Puppy Cadets are also in the acting business. They are also best friends with Gordon, who is a huge fan of Captain Canine. Whenever there is nothing to do, they would sometimes hang out with Gordon. The Puppy Cadets are divided into three groups: The Fighters, the Magic Masters and the Elemental Cadets


The Puppy Cadets consist of Judy, who is Captain Canine's younger sister; Glen(who never talks) and Gwen, two German Sheperds who are inventors; Tandy, a Samoyed who provides the muscles for his team; Dana, a Boxer who uses Ninjutsu against her enemies; and Gordon, the youngest member of the group. Their newest members are  Moon Spark, who is also known as the Princess of the Night; Nisshoku, who is also known as the Prince of Eclipse; Sombra, who can control shadows; Sonar, who controls sound; Stellar, who controls falling stars; Ernst, who controls gravity; Tempo, who controls time; Ferro, who controls metal; and the seven elemental cadets: Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Kaze, Mizu, Ghas, and Terra Cotta. Judy is the commander of the Puppy Cadets.


The Puppy Cadets are a fan-made group created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.


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