Pupnick is a one-time character who appeared in Secret Agent Pup.

Pupnick, the Mongrowlian Ally

Presumed Age

9 Dog Years Old(1.3 human years old)


His new home(USA), Bright Eyes, dancing


Clawfinger, those who try to hurt Bright Eyes


Bright Eyes(Love Interest)

Voice Actor

Pat Fraley


Pupnick is a Shiba Inu mix with white fur and a bushy tail. He is usually seen wearing a blue cap.


Pupnick is friendly toward the Pound Puppies. He is also passionate about his new home, the United States. Whenever Pupnick is happy, he does a Hopak, which is a Russian dance. He also has a crush on Bright Eyes. Pupnick speaks with a Russian accent.

Bright Eyes and Pupnick

Bright Eyes and Pupnick


Pupnick's Arrival on America(Secret Agent Pup)

Pupnick arrives by boat in New York City, New York. His celebration was short-lived when two spies from his native country chased him because of the dog collar he wore. The dog collar contains a brain cystal which will allow Clawfinger to brainwash every puppy in the world. Pupnick was saved by Cooler and Nose Marie. While living with the Pound Puppies, he participated on the mission to rescue Bright Eyes from Clawfinger and his henchmen, who are the same two spies from earlier. After foiling Clawfinger's plot and saving Bright Eyes, Pupnick is then adopted by his new owners.
Pupnick ans Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes kissing Pupnick.


HNI 0042

Pupnick dancing

Pupnick is presumably a good dancer.


Pupnick hails from the country of Mongrowlia, which is a fictional country similar to Russia.

He is the first dog to have been Bright Eyes' love interest.

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