Puplina and Lay-Sobaki are the biological parents of Pupnick.

Puplina and Lay-Sobaki
Pupnick's Parents
Puplina and Lay-Sobaki, Pupnick's mother and father


Lay-Sobaki: 47 dog years old
44 Dog Years Old(Three years ago)
Puplina: 45 dog years old
42 Dog Years Old(Three years ago)


Their children, Ruby




Pat and Lorna(Son and Daughter-in-Laws)
Baxter and Pupnick Jr.(Grandsons)
Roxanne and Cherry(Granddaughters)
Cary and Celia(Best friends)


Puplina and Lay-Sobaki are Shiba Inus with white furs and bushy tails. Puplina wears a pink dress, black pants, and a necklace. She keeps her red hair in a pony tail. Lay-Sobaki wears a red suit, black pants, a blue tie, and a blue fedora with a black stripe. He also has a short, dark mustache. After three years, Puplina no longer keeps her hair in a pony-tail and started wearing a brown vest while Lay-Sobaki started wearing a white vest over his suit and yellow socks with holes for his toes.


Both Puplina and Lay-Sobaki care about their children. They have a strong hatred against Clawfinger for endangering their children. Like Pupnick, whenever they feel happy, they dance. They are good friends with Cary and Celia.


Like Pupnick, they are talented dancers.


Puplina and Lay-Sobaki are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Lay-Sobaki's name means barking dog in Russian.

They were both born in Mongrowlia.

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