Pound Puppies Say is a segment that will appear in the remake of the TV Series.


At the end of certain episodes, a member of the cast will extend helpful advice to the viewers about problems they might experience in life.


Revenge of the Retriever Segment-Igor and Whopper tell the viewers that getting even has consequences and they should not get upset over small things.

Gosh oh Golly Gee-nie/One Dumb Dog Segment-Cooler, Howard, and Dumbo tell the viewers that everyone has the ability to be a hero.

The Next Step/Holy Muttrimony Segment-Cooler, Nose Marie, Tony, and Marcus tell the viewers that they shouldn't get involved in things they don't have any business with in the first place.

Bacon Bandit Segment-Cooler, Igor, Bigor, and Vigor tell the viewers that they shouldn't start accusing others until they have proof.

Jacket Blues Segment- Cooler, Tony, Beamer, Nose Marie, and Igor tell the viewers about taking responsibility for accidents.

To Error is Puplike or The Comedy of Animation Errors Segment- The Pound Puppies and Tony tell the viewers about taking someone's advice when they were warned about how dangerous a location may be.

Villains, Be Gone Segment-Cooler and Howard tell the viewers to think through their plans and consider the possible consequences before going into action.

Gordon's Review Segment-Gordon, Captain Canine, Judy, Dexter, Cooler, and Igor tell the viewers about honesty.

Howard's Lottery Fake-Out Segment-Igor, Tony, Cooler, and Howard tell the audience about controlling one's temper.

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