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The PoundRaizers is a fan-made group formed after the former Devil Dogs reformed.


PoundRaizers Three Years Later

The current PoundRaizers.

After the Devil Dog Seven disbanded and reformed, they became members of the Pound Puppies. They were then given a new name "PoundRaizers" and given helmets with colorful vizors and t-Shirts with words resprenting each of their personality. Each of them possess various weapons when they engage in combat. They are also given nicknames due to clothes they wear. The PoundRaizers are close allies with the CatRaizers.


The members consists of Bartrand the Big-Hearted, Stephanie the Serene, Vivian the Vigorous, Darius the Intelligent, Ian the Dedicated, Jayden the Jolly, and Antonio the Acceptable. The new members are Kanashimi the Kind, Victoria the Valiant, Ethan the Economical, and Yakima the Youthful.


The PoundRaizers is a fan-made group created by CartoonLover ad Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Theme Song

Japanese Version

We! Are! PoundRaizer! We! Are! PoundRaizer! Rescuing the Past from the Evil of the Now,

That is... Ha! PoundRaizer!

Raised by Evil colored in Crimson, wanted all Cats Extinct in Mahogany,

But We saw the light in Goldenrod, to see the Planet colored Malachite,

as the Sky is bright in Cobalt... and of the colors Ultramarine and of Lavender...

All through the Day... And through the Night...

Xanadu Roads, Magenta Petals, Chestnut Trees, Amaranth Gardens...

Eleven Colors will fill the very sky!

And If You are Running... Go forward with all Your might!

And don't You dare forget... to follow Your own dreams!

Believe with all Your heart, And We'll never lose... Go! Go! Go! PoundRaizer!

English Version(To the Tune of Three Little Maids from the Mikado)

All PoundRaizers: Eleven pups from the future are we, intelligent, strong and brave as can be, fighting evil from sea to sea! Eleven PoundRaizers.

Bartrand: Our passion burns a fiery red.

Stephanie: An orange conscious floats in our heads.

Vivian: Our hearts of gold are often well said.

All: Eleven PoundRaizers! PoundRaizers extraordinary, our chances of losing are little to nary, our missions we go on sometimes vary. Eleven PoundRaizers. Eleven little PoundRaizers!

Darius: We're not green with jealously...

Ian: We're not blue with ecstasy...

Jayden: We color the town Indigo on our journey.

All: Eleven PoundRaizers.

Antonio and Victoria: Our romance comes in purple and pink...

Saffron: We use grey matter to catch a fink...

Yakima and Ethan: Brown and mahogany minds we use to think.

All: Eleven PoundRaizers! Eleven PoundRaizers! PoundRaizers extraordinary, our chances losing are little to nary, our missions we go on sometimes vary. Eleven PoundRaizers. Eleven little PoundRaizers!


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