Poseidon is one of the four mer-dogs from Doglantis and Topaz's older brother.

Poseidon, the comedic mer-dog


17 dog years old


Pulling pranks, his siblings


Evil, macaroons


Triton(Older Brother)
Neptune(Younger Sister)
Topaz(Younger sister)
Igor and Yao(Friends)


Poseidon is a skinny mer-dog with yellow fur. When Poseidon is in his swimming form, his fish body is brown. When Poseidon is in his land form, he has a bushy tail and white feet. He wears an aqua sleeveless shirt, gray shorts and orange leg warmers. He is the same height as Marcus and also has green eyes and short, dark hair. Poseidon wears a octagon-shaped water helmet and a water tank with falcon wings.


Pos​eidon is a regular prankster. He usually hangs out with Igor and Yao. Despite his mischievous exterior, Poseidon is sympathetic and humble. His least favorite food is macaroons. Poseidon speaks in a tenor voice.


While Poseidon is a good joke teller, he is flexible and a good dancer. He can also swim and play the conga drum. Poseidon is practicing kick-boxing while training under Gamma. His back-up weapon is his ax.


Poseidon is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918. 

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