Pluto McCartney is a fan-made antagonist who is an enemy of the Zodiac Dozen.

Pluto McCartney
Pluto McCartney
Pluto McCartney, millionaire turned madman


28 years old


Evil deeds


Jackal's constant bragging, the Zodiac Dozen


Jackal Johnson and Jack Rabbit Gang(Servants)
Zodiac Dozen(Enemies)


Pluto McCartney is a tall, young man with neatly combed blonde hair and a crooked nose. He wears a purple tuxedo with a red rose in his pocket, a magenta tie, black pants, brown shoes with spats on them, and a white fedora. He also has angular red eyes and is usually seen carrying a cane.


Pluto is ruthless and cunning, as well as being extremely greedy. He feels no guilt punishing his servants or allowing his henchmen to dish out the punishments for him. He was also infamous for choosing favorites.  However, at the end, he learns about karma. 


Pluto is a skilled swordsman and uses his cane that turns into a sword. He is also a magic user, as he creates a barrier to fight his enemies within.


Pluto McCartney is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.


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