Pencil is a dog who will join the Pound Puppies.

New Pencil
Pencil, the gentleman.


22 dog years old
19 dog years old(Three years ago)


Swimming, sports, Ridgeback, Kisa, the Carmen overture


Romance(Formerly), sawdust, broccoli, violence


Howler, Amy and Barkerville(good friends)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Ridgeback(Best Friend)


Pencil is a doberman pincher with blue-gray fur and light brown feet. He wears white shirt, tan jacket, red neck tie, and orange pants. He also has yellow eyes and neatly combed dark hair. He is the same height as Cooler. After three years, Pencil's hair grew longer and he started wearing a gray cloak, a tan sweater and a brown derby. However, after a while he cut his hair and wore a tuxedo.


Pencil has a highly intelligent mind and good manners. He speaks in a soft, polite sounding voice. He is good friends with Howler and Amy. He is also Sandra's assistant and helps her run her library. Despite his exterior, Pencil also likes to participate in sports. He is indifferent towards Dumbo. He often joins Ridgeback and Cooler on their adventures. Pencil is allergic to sawdust. He used to dislike romance before he met Kisa. He has a special bond towards TJ. His least favorite food is broccoli. His favorite number is the Carmen overture. He has a strong dislike against those who have no manners. Pencil also despises violence.


Pencil can play the trombone. He is also athletic and a great swimmer. Hence his name, he uses pencils as weapons. Whenever he hears the Carmen overture, Pencil dances with passion and grace and usually dances with Kisa.


Pencil is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Before he joined the Pound Puppies, he was owned by a college teacher until his former owner lost his job and could no longer afford to keep him.

Pencil hails from Savanna, Illinois.

His full name is Pencil Vanderfeller.


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