Pavel and Natasha are the biological parents of July.

Pavel and Natasha
Pavel and Natasha
Pavel and Natasha, July's parents


48 human years old each
45 human years old(Three years ago)


Their children, their godchildren, Chester, and Doris


Kaptain Kid Stoneheart


Ivan, July and Dimitri(Children)
Chester and Doris(Best Friends)
Chew Chew and Drumstick(Godchildren)

Full Names

Pavel and Natasha Meowski


Pavvy(By Cooler)
Uncle Pavel and Auntie Natasha(By Chew Chew and Drumstick)


Pavel and Natasha are Mongrowlian Black Cats with dark fur and white feet. Pavel wears a mahogany coat, a yellow shirt, and purple pants while Natasha wears a golden dress, pink pants and a pink necklace. They have brown hair, green eyes and tufts on their cheeks. They are the same height as Holly.


Pavel and Natasha are caring toward their kittens, especially July. They are good friends with Chester and Doris, who took in July when her life was in danger back when she was a kitten. Pavel is friendly  sympathetic and stoic while Natasha is benevolent and tomboyish. They have a strong hatred against Kaptain Kid. They are also good friends with Lay-Sobaki. Because they were good friends with Chester and Doris, they were appointed to be Drumstick and Chew Chew's godparents.


Pavel and Natasha are good piano players.


Pavel and Natasha are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Like their children, they hail from Mongrowlia.

Their full names are Pavel and Natasha Meowski.

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