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Pat and Lorna are the siblings of Ruby.

Pat and Lorna
Pat and Lorna
Pat and Lorna


Pat: 24 dog years old
21 dog years old(Three years ago)
Lorna: 12 dog years old
9 dog years old(Three years ago)






Puplina and Lay-Sobaki(Mother and Father-in-Laws)
Baxter, Roxanne, Cherry, and Pupnick Jr.(Nephews and Nieces)


Pat and Lorna are Irish Settlers with brown fur and bushy ears. Pat wears a purple dress shirt, a long, red tie, Gray pants, and a black belt. He also has short, dark hair and sharp teeth. Lorna wears an aqua shirt, a green skirt, and yellow hair. She also has blue eyes and keeps her hair in a pony tail. Pat is the same height as Marcus and Lorna is the same height as Bright Eyes. After three years, Pat started wearing a red jacket and Lorna started wearing a green sweater and orange pants.


Pat is quiet but he is kind-hearted and intelligent. Lorna is talkative but she is down-to-earth and passionate. They both love their sister and regret their lives working for Clawfinger. While Pat is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity, Lorna isn't bothered by Dumbo's stupidity. They later left the Puppy Pound, but still visit their sister and siblings-in-law from time to time.


Both of them are good violin players.


Pat and Lorna are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Like Ruby, they hail from Chicago.

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