Pancho is Vivian's boyfriend.

New Pancho
"Pancho, Vivian's boyfriend"


25 dog years old
22 dog years old(Three years ago)


Vivian, playing his guitar, cherry ice cream, chicken tacos


Loud noises, Dumbo's stupidity


Bonita(Adopted Sister)
Cleopatra(Adopted Sister)
Pamela(Adopted Sister)
Wendy(Adopted Sister)

First Appearance

Four Dates for Four PoundRaizers

Full name

Pancho Alonzo Gonzalez


June 7th, 1990


Pancho is an Izbian hound with light brown and white fur and a light brown tail with a white tip. He wears a green shirt, black pants, a blue scarf, and an orange hat with a white plume on it. He also has short, blond hair. After three years, Pancho started wearing a brown cloak, an orange shirt and grew longer hair.


Pancho is well-reserved, courageous, and polite. He is in love with Vivian. He usually spends his time playing his guitar. He is very sensitive to loud noises. He speaks in a smooth, Spanish accent. Pancho is is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. His favorite food is cherry ice cream and chicken tacos with hot sauce.


Pancho is a good guitar player. Pancho is also a skilled karate fighter.



Pancho is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from Guernica, Spain.

His full name is Pancho Gonzalez.

His birthdate is June 7th, 1990.

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