Pamela is Antonio's wife.

New Pamela
"Pamela, Antonio's girlfriend"


36 dog years old
33 dog years old(Three years ago)


Antonio, Marcus, her adopted siblings, biology


Those who bully Antonio


Cleopatra(Adopted Sister)
Pancho(Adopted brother)
Bonita(Adopted Sister)
Wendy(Adopted Sister)

First Appearance

Four Dates for Four PoundRaizers

Full name

Pamela B Lansbury


August 20th, 1979


Pamela is an Akbash dog with white fur. She wears an orange dress mixed with yellow and a necklace. She keeps her red hair in a pony tail with a yellow tip at the end. After three years, Pamela started a yellow and orange striped jumpsuit. She is the same height as Dumbo.


Pamela is compassionate and loving. She loves Antonio. She is also friendly toward her new friends. Pamela finds Dumbo's stupidity quite humorous.


Pamela can play the flute and dance. She is currently studying anthropology.



Pamela is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She was born at Adams, Massachusetts.

Her full name is Pamela B Lansbury.

Her birthdate was August 20th, 1979.

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