Paku Paku is a Pound Purry who is a member of the Elite Eighteen.

Paku Paku
New Paku Paku
Paku Paku, the expert swimmer


5 human years old
2 kitten years old(Three years ago)


Swimming, sushi, scuba diving, vanilla milkshakes


Oil spills


Tony Rigs(Owner)
Clement, Flynn, Veronique, Wilton, Grant, Tulip, Marcy, Mai, IQ, Hibachi, Cactus Flower, Forte, Lyra, Ice Cap, Nanki Pu, Plasma, Proton, and Harriet(Friends)
Hydra and Bright Eyes(Best Friends)


November 11th, 2010

Full name

Paku Paku Melaine McCarthy


Elite 11


Paku Paku is a tiny Singapura kitten with tan fur, tan ears, a short tail, a white muzzle, pink nose, and white paws. She wears a blue and white wetsuit with a blue eleven on it. She has orange hair. She is the same height as Bright Eyes. When she goes scuba diver, she wears a red mask and pink swimming fins. After three years, Paku Paku started keeping her hair in a pony tail and now wears a white cape. She has the number eleven birthmark on the tips of her left shoulder.


Paku Paku loves swimming because her body is used to water. She also enjoys scuba diving. She is very good friends with Bright Eyes and Hydra. Her favorite food is sushi and vanilla milkshakes. She often hangs out with Bright Eyes.


Paku Paku is a great swimmer and scuba diver. She is also a good kick-boxer, as she leaves her swimming fins on to deliver powerful kicks. Her swimming fins are equipped with drills. Paku Paku can also breathe underwater. She can do a handstand for seven hours.



Paku Paku is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

She and her parents hail from Singapore.

Her full name is Paku Paku Melanie McCarthy.

Her birthday is November 11th, 2010.

Paku Paku's parents were deep-sea divers in the Pacific Ocean.

Her codename is "Elite Eleven."

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