Pablo is a member of the Unlucky Thirteen.

New Pablo


9 human years old(Reformed)
19 human years old


Running, his master(Formerly), filing his toenails


Sen Sen, Amster


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Former Master)
Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller(Owners)
Sen Sen(Leader)
Stefan, Pan, Amster, Hayate, Georgia, Franco, Rosa, Rufus, Rita, Brass, Tai Bo(Comrades)


"CatRaizer Baobab"


May 5th, 5912(Original birthdate)
May 5th, 1996(current birthdate)


Pablo is a tall, skinny Norwegian Forest cat with tan fur, tan ears, long legs and large feet. He wears a brown sleeveless shirt, purple shorts and a black fedora with a green feather on it. He also has green eyes, sharp claws on his toes and is the same height as Gamma.

After he reformed and became a kitten, he started wearing purple pants. After he was affected by Howler's Auto-Ager, Amster returned to his original age.


Pablo was cocky and reckless. He spends his time running like the wind. He is very intelligent and was easily annoyed by Amster's depression. He wad not loyal to Sen Sen, but he was respectful toward Emperor Murgatroyd. He was very impatient. After he reformed. Pablo started to become patient. He spends his free time filing his toenails.


Thanks to his long legs and big feet, Pablo can run faster than an airplane. He is also an expert kick-boxer. His kicks can break a 100 foot brick wall with ease. Pablo can play the bongos.


Pablo is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain.

It was revealed that Pablo was a human year old when his legs and feet grew tall.

His CatRaizer name is "CatRaizer Baobab".

His birthday is May 5th, 5912. In the present, his birthdate would have been May 5th, 1996.

His full name is Pablo Garcia.


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