Oh Solo Me-ow is a fan-made episode written by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.


The Pound Puppies and Holly see Whopper sleep-walking and behaving like a cat.


Part One

(Nighttime at the puppy pound. Bright Eyes is sleeping in her bed. She then hears a meow. She wakes up)

Bright Eyes: Was that Iggy?

(Bright Eyes walks up to Igor's doghouse and knocks on his door.)

Bright Eyes: Iggy? Iggy!

(Igor opens the door. Igor is wearing a gray pajama shirt, white shorts, leg warmers, and a dark gray nightcap, but without His glasses.)

Igor: (Rubbing his eye) Princess? (Yawning) It's only 2 AM. Why are you up that this hour of the night?

Bright Eyes: I heard a meow and I thought it came from you. Are you okay, Iggy?

Igor: I'm fine, Princess. But, that wasn't me.

Bright Eyes: If that wasn't you, then...

(Igor and Bright Eyes see Whopper sleep-walking.)

Igor: Is that Whammy sleep-walking?

Bright Eyes: Yes.

(Whopper meows. Igor and Bright Eyes are shocked.)

Igor: Wait, did Whammy just let out a meow?

Bright Eyes: I think he did. (Igor gets in Whopper's way.)

Igor: Whammy, hold it! (Whopper reacts, as He groggily sees Igor as a bulldog as His voice is distorted.) What happened? (Whopper yowls and pounces on Igor.) Hey! Get off of me!

Bright Eyes: Iggy! (comes to Igor, with Whopper on top of him.) Are you okay? I can't believe Whopper would...

Igor: It's okay. He didn't mean it.

(Whopper hisses as Bright Eyes grabs a garden hose and sprays him. Whopper wakes up.)

Whopper: Huh? What happened? Why am I outside?

(Whopper looks at Igor.)

Whopper: Iggy, why am I on top of you?

Igor: You were sleep-walking, Whammy, and then you went ballistic on me.

Whopper: I did?

Igor: Yes, you did.

Whopper: I'm awfully sorry, Iggy. I didn't know what happened.

Igor: It's alright. You didn't know. also...

Whopper: Also...?

Igor: Were you eating cat food again?

Whopper: No.

Bright Eyes: Well... (yawn) I'm tired.

Igor: Let's go back to bed.

Whopper: Hopefully, I won't sleepwalk and act like a cat again.

(Whopper leaves. Igor scratches his ear with his foot.)

Igor: Poor Whammy. I wish there was something I could do to help him out.

Bright Eyes: Iggy?

Igor: Yes, Princess?

Bright Eyes: Are those leg warmers?

(Igor shows her his leg warmers.)

Igor: Don't tell anyone, but I like the feeling of leg warmers. But anyway, we should tell the other's about Whammy's sleepwalking.

Whopper: (Offscreen) That's Whopper!

Bright Eyes: I agree, Iggy.

(In the morning, Igor and Bright Eyes are telling their story to the rest of the Pound Puppies(Excluding Whopper) and Holly.)

Nose Marie: Poor little ol' Whopper.

Beamer: I think he must've learn that cat-like behavior from you, Igor.

Igor: Oh, I claw a tree one time...

Bright Eyes: He learned that from Iggy? Nah!

Beamer: Well, who else would Whopper learn that cat-like behavior from?

Igor: We might need a Psychopath. (the others look at Igor with confused looks.)

Holly: I think You meant, "Psychiatrist".

Igor: (reacts) Sorry.

Cooler: Say! My older brother, Calvin,  is a psychiatrist.

Nose Marie: He is?

Reflex: Do you think you can schedule an appointment here for Whopper?

Cooler: Sure. If he can't cure Whopper, I don't know who will.

Part Two

(Later, Whopper is lying on a couch. Standing by him are Calvin(Cooler's brother), Igor, and Bright Eyes.)

Calvin: So, your name is Whopper Ward Jones. Is that correct?

Whopper: Yes. Yes, it is.

Calvin: I've heard that you were sleep-walking and behaving like a cat.

Whopper: Well, that's true. But, I don't remember. Last night, I was sleeping. The next thing I know, I was on top of Iggy.

Calvin: Hmm. Have you chased any cats in your dreams?

Whopper: Well, there was this one dream where I chased a cat.

Calvin: Mm-hmm. Was it the first time you chased a cat in your dreams?

Whopper: Well... To be honest, I don't know.

Calvin: Have you ever climbed trees before?

Whopper: That's only for street acrobats.

Calvin: You mean parkour?

Whopper: Well... you might say that.

Calvin: Hmmm... Have you been cleaning yourself by licking your fur?

Whopper: (Shocked) What?! No!

Calvin: Do you have a phobia against water?

Whopper: Actually, I'm fine taking baths.

Calvin: Have you eaten mice, fish, or birds before?

Whopper: (Disgusted) Ew! Never!

Calvin: Have you ever torn furniture before?

Whopper: No.

Calvin: Have you played with balls of yarn?

Whopper: Does it really matter whether I do cat things like that?

Calvin: Whopper, I am not here just to poke fun at you. I'm here to find out the root cause of your sleepwalking and cat-like behavior. Now, let me see...

(Calvin gets out a rubber mouse and a watch.)

Calvin: Now, when I wave my watch around, you'll be getting sleepy.

(Calvin hangs the watch in front of Whopper and tilts it back and forth until Whopper falls asleep.)

Calvin: Let's see his reaction to this rubber mouse.

(Whopper grabs the rubber mouse away.)

Calvin: Ah ha! Just as I thought!

Igor: What is it?

Calvin: Whopper must have been playing with rubber mice too much.

Bright Eyes: He was?

Calvin: That must have been the root cause of his sleepwalking and cat-like behavior.

(Calvin snaps his fingers and wakes Whopper up.)

Whopper: What happened?

Calvin: Whopper, I found the root cause of your sleepwalking.

Whopper: What's that?

Calvin: You have a collection of rubber mice! That must be why you were sleeping and acting like a cat!

Whopper: Really?

Calvin: Certainly.

(Whopper has a confused look on his face.)

Whopper: Are you sure about that?

Calvin: Yep. That collection of rubber mice has got to go.

Whopper: Well, if it means curing my sleepwalking, then I guess I should get rid of the rubber mice.

Part Three

(At Whopper's house, Whopper, Igor, Bright Eyes, and Calvin are getting rid of the rubber mice.)

Whopper: Well, that's the last of the rubber mice.

Igor: Thank you so much, Kelvin. How can we repay you?

Calvin: How about you let me join the Pound Puppies? Besides, I haven't seen my little brother for a long time.

Bright Eyes: Sure, Calvin.

(That night, everyone but Calvin and Igor are sleeping.)

Calvin: Tell me why are we outside in the middle of the night?

Igor: I just wanted to make sure Whammy isn't sleepwalking again.

Calvin: Well... makes sense.

(Calvin gets out his binoculars as Igor scratches his ear with his foot.)

Igor: Did you see anything?

Calvin: Well...

Igor: Hey! I see something!

Calvin: Shh. What is it?

Igor: Hand me the binoculars please. and do not shush Me ever again.

(Calvin gives Igor the binoculars. Cooler enters.)

Cooler: Hey, guys. Why are you up so late?

(Calvin and Igor grab Cooler.)

Igor: (softly) keep Quiet, Coolidge!

Calvin: We saw something.

Cooler: What is it?

(Everyone else(except Whopper) enter.)

Violet: What's wrong?

Igor: Shush! I think I see something. Hey, where's Whammy?

(They all see something moving in the distance.)

Igor: Look! Over there!

(Whopper is seen walking toward them.)

Calvin: I thought I cured his sleepwalking! but with His eyes open.

Igor: Better watch out. He's going to act like a cat again.

Whopper: What are you guys doing up so early? It's only 2:30 am.

Igor: Oh. For a minute, we thought you were sleepwalking again.

Whopper: I wasn't sleepwalking. If I was, My eyes would be closed.

Calvin: So... you weren't sleep walking.

Whopper: Nope.

(Igor and Calvin look at each other and at Whopper.)

Igor and Calvin: Ooh.

Whopper: Well, good night.

(Whopper leaves.)

Igor: Well, that was awkward.

(Calvin and Igor see everyone else sleeping.)

Calvin: How do you like that? They fell asleep.

(Later, Igor is at his doghouse, sleeping.)

Igor: (Thinking) I'm happy that Kelvin joined the Pound Puppies. I didn't know that Coolidge has an older brother. (purrs like a cat as his eyes close.)

The End


This is the second fan-made episode to not feature an antagonist.

This fan-made episode marks the first appearance of Cooler's older brother, Calvin.

Next Episode Preview

Igor: Next week on the New Adventures of the Pound Puppies, Whopper and I are on a quest to figure out the meaning of a strange riddle. What clues can we find? Find out in Riddler's Race.

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