Night of the Fan Girls/Broadway Malady is a fan made episode written by Rigsrigsrigs10918, CartoonLover, and Disneydude15.


A group of fan girls are after the Rigs Brothers and the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members hide them in the puppy pound. / Cooler, Nose Marie, Shakespeare, Maya, and Ramon chaperone Gordon at the Captain Canine Broadway Show.


Act 1: Night of the Fan Girls

Part One

(At a supermarket, Holly, Cooler, Nose Marie, TJ, Tony, Bright Eyes, and Joshua are looking at the movies section)

Tony: I wonder what movie we should rent?

Cooler: How about Adolescent Mutated Samurai Reptiles III?

TJ: After the reviews, I don't think so.

Nose Marie: Why not, TJ?

TJ: I've heard that it was the worst movie out of the three Adolescent Mutated Samurai Reptiles movies. The least this movie could do is be subtle instead of having corny one-liners and have non-original characters.

(Joshua then sees a teenage girl walking toward them as if she was a zombie)

Joshua: Um... guys?

(The others turn around and see the girl. She has hearts in her eyes)

Teenage Girl: I want your autograph!

TJ: Uh oh! It's a fan girl!

Tony: And I know about fan girls. Once they see a big-time celebrity, they want to get an autograph or probably tear off their clothing.

Cooler: Let's make like bananas and split!

(Cooler and the others rush away from the girl. They are now in the video game department)

Tony: At least she won't find us in here.

(Tony looks at a video game)

Tony: Ooh! Super Magic Universe! I always wanted that game.

(Two more fan girls walk slowly to the group)

Fan Girls: We want your autograph!

Nose Marie: Two more?!

Cooler: It's an epidemic!

(Cooler and the others head to the grocery aisle, but they are stopped by more fan girls)

Bright Eyes: Jumping Jellybeans! There's more of them!

TJ: I've had it with this store!

(The heroes rush out of the store and back to the puppy pound. Reflex enters)

Reflex: What's the matter? You look like you got chased by a pack of zombies.

Cooler: No. We were chased by fan girls.

TJ: Apparently, someone must have spread rumors that my brothers and I were at the store and then the place was swarming with them like locusts.

Nose Marie: Hopefully, that won't happen again.

(Bright Eyes looks out the window.)

Bright Eyes: Uh oh.

Cooler: "Uh oh" what?

Bright Eyes: Guess who's back.

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