Night at the Chicago History Museum is a fan-made episode written by Rigsrigsrigs10918, CartoonLover, and Disneydude15.


Cooler and Howard take the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies on a field trip to the Chicago History Museum.


Part One

(On the highway, Howard is driving his car. Cooler is sitting on the front seat and the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies are sitting in booster seats.)

Beauregard: Mr. Connor?

Howard: Yes, Beauregard?

Beauregard: Where are we going for our field trip?

Howard: Your father and I are taking you pups to the Chicago History Museum.

Taro: What's a museum?

Cooler: A museum is a big place where all the old stuff is shown.

Howard: It's an interesting museum too. You pups will learn all about the city of Chicago.

(Cooler pulls out directions to the museum.)

Cooler: Hmm.... let me see. We're almost at the city limits.

Howard: Well, pups, we're almost there.

(The Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies cheer. Later, Howard, Cooler, and the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies enter the museum.)

Taro: Wow! This museum is huge!

(The museum's manager enters)

Manager: I apologize, but we don't allow dogs in the museum-

(Puppy Power twinkles over the manager)

Manager: Say, aren't you Howard and Cooler from Holly's Puppy Pound?

Cooler: Absotively.

Manager: My apologies. Feel free to look around the museum.

(The manager leaves)

Howard: All right, pups, let's look around.

(Howard and the dogs go to an exhibit)

Beauregard: (Looking at a miniature replica of the World's Columbian Exposition) Daddy? Are those toys?

(Cooler picks up Beauregard and carries him on his shoulders)

Cooler: No, Beauregard. Those are replicas.

Taro: What's a replica, Mr. Cooler?

Cooler: A replica is like a copy of something.

(Thomas looks at a replica of a cabin.)

Thomas: Aroo! Look at the details of that cabin.

Andy: Very detailed. I admire the architecture.

Thomas: Maybe we can ask daddy to build us a cabin like that.

Howlette: Yeah!

(Carrie looks at a small replica of the Columbian Exposition Fair and tugs Cooler's jacket.)

Cooler: Yes, Carrie?

(Carrie points to the replica.)

Next Episode Preview

Announcer: Next time on the Pound Puppies Show, Wolfazar and Shun visit Holly's Puppy Pound to help our heroes find a cure for Howard's mystery illness. And later, the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies help three Dalmation puppies who are afraid of everything. Stay tuned for another episode on the Pound Puppies Show, Return of the Wolf Doctor/The Tale of Cringe, Wince, and Flinch.

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