Mr. Rigs Goes to Hollywood/Gusty, the Storm Chasing Cat is a fan-made episode written by Rigsrigsrigs10918, Kosh Naranek and CartoonLover.


Tony Rigs lands a job as a Hollywood actor and his friends prepare to bid him goodbye./The gang meets a cat who loves chasing tornados.


Act One: Mr. Rigs Goes to Hollywood

Part One

(Tony is seen eating breakfast with the PoundRaizers.)

Narrator: It was on this morning that Tony Rigs' life is about to change...

(A knock is heard on the door.)

Bartrand: I'll go see who that is.

(Bartrand goes to the door and answers it.)

Bartrand: Hello?

Woman: Is Tony Rigs here?

Bartrand: Yeah. Who are you?

Woman: I'm Odette Terwilliger, co-owner of Terwilliger Sisters Studios.

Bartrand: Terwilliger Sisters Studios?

Miss Terwilliger: Surely you've seen our show, My Dad, The Ninja.

Bartrand: Oh! Anyway, what do you need Tony for?

Miss Terwilliger: I'm here to offer him a job.

Bartrand: Cool.

Miss Terwilliger: May I see Mr. Rigs, please?

Bartrand: Yes.

(Bartrand escorts Miss Terwilliger to Tony.)

Miss Terwilliger: Hello. You must be Mr. Rigs.

Tony: Yep. That's me.

Miss Terwilliger: I'm Odette Terwilliger of Terwilliger Sisters Studios.

Tony: Terwilliger Sisters Studios? I've heard about that place before.

Miss Terwilliger: So, Mr. Rigs, how would you like to be an actor?

Tony: I'd love to!

Miss Terwilliger: Wonderful. Whenever you're ready, let me know and I'll do the rest.

Tony: Okay.

(Miss Terwilliger leaves.)

Tony: Wow. Imagine me as a Hollywood movie star.

Saffron: Yeah.

Stephanie: That would be cool!

Ian: Yeah!

Antonio: Hmmm.... I don't know about that.

Bartrand: What do you mean?

Antonio: Remember what happened to Bright Eyes the last time she was offered to be a movie star?

Darius: We know.

Victoria: But if I know Tony Rigs, nothing bad would happen to him.

Saffron: Vicky's right.

Tony: Yeah. Besides, what can go wrong?

Darius: That's what I was afraid of.

Bartrand: Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Darius: I hope....

(Later, Tony and Bartrand are telling Cooler and Holly the news.)

Cooler: Ah, so you're gonna be a movie star, eh?

Tony: Yep. I'm gonna get to work with all the big name stars. I'll be on the big screen.

Cooler: That's great.

Tony: You bet it is! Imagine... Me, a legendary movie star like the Marf Brothers, the Three Wise Guys, Orson Wolf, Ruffster Keaton, Collie Chaplin, or that guy who directed Mongroplois! I'm going to love being in Hollywood! I better pack.

(Tony leaves.)

Cooler: Boy, he sure is excited.

Bartrand: Yep. The other PoundRaizers and I should accompany him, if you don't mind, Cooler, Holly.

Cooler: You can accompany him, just to make sure he's safe.

Act Two: Gusty, the Storm Chasing Cat

Part One

(At Holly's Puppy Pound, Holly and Cooler are filing the papers when Howler comes in with his weather checker.)

Howler: Aroo! Cooler! Holly! We got some nasty storms heading our way.

Holly: That doesn't sound good.

Cooler: I hope it's not as bad as it was the last time we had severe weather.

Holly: Me too.

Cooler: I think we better be ready.

Howler: Yeah, we should, Cooler.

(Later, the pound is preparing for the storm.)

Holly: Do we have everything we need?

Cooler: Yep. Always be prepared. I've already warned our allies.

Holly: Good.

Cooler: Yeah. We'll be fine. We have good shelter and plenty of supplies.

Howler: The storm is almost here!

Cooler: Ooh! We better head to the basement.

(The gang quickly goes to the basement.)

Howler: Whew! We're safe.

Cooler: Yeah...

(After the storm, the gang emerges from the shelter.)

Howler: Well, that was a wild storm.

Cooler: Sure was.

(Cooler opens the pound's door to reveal a mess in the yard.)

Cooler: Why can't tornadoes clean up after themselves?

Howler: I don't know, Cooler. I'm not a tornado.

Holly: Well, come on, everyone. Time to clean up.

(They hear a meow.)

Cooler: Catgut... was that you?

Catgut: Don't look at me.

(Cooler looks at Hairball.)

Hairball: I didn't do it.

(The gang then notices a pile of clutter moving.)

Sen Sen: What's that?

(Cooler carefully goes by the clutter.)

Bartrand: Be careful, Cooler!

(Before Cooler can lift the debris, a cat bursts from the rubble.)

Cat: Whoo-whee! I haven't been on a ride like that since the last tornado!

Cooler: Who are you?

Cat: They call me Gusty. I'm a storm chaser.

Cooler: Storm chaser?

Gusty: That's right. I've been a storm chaser for three years.

Cooler: Ooh. Interesting.

Gusty: Uh huh. So, when's the next big storm coming? I'm looking forward to chase another tornado.

Cooler: Not for awhile, Gusty.... (Aside) Matter of fact, not for a very long time.

Gusty: (Sadly) Oh.

Cooler: Why don't you come in and relax?

Gusty: No way. That ain't my style. Besides, where's the fun in that?

Holly: Relaxing can be really fun.

Gusty: Oh, what do you guys know about fun? Storm-chasing is even more fun!

(Gusty starts to leave.)

Holly: This is an interesting guest.

(Cooler stops Gusty.)

Cooler: Gusty, wait.

Gusty: Yeah?

Cooler: I have something fun to show you.

Gusty: Really?

Cooler: Yeah. Come on.

(Cooler and Gusty go to the HQ's arcade.)

Gusty: That's it? Arcade games? Pfft! I'm outta here.

Cooler: Wait a minute! We just got a new addition to the arcade. We got a tornado simulator! It'll make you experience the effects of a tornado. Howler designed it. He can do anything.

Gusty: But it's not the real thing. Therefore, the thrill of the experience isn't there. Sorry.

(Gusty is about to leave.)

Cooler: Wait! What kind of food do you like to eat?

Gusty: I like tuna melts but I got lots of those in my pack.

Weather Radio: Due to the increase in moisture and dew points, another day of tornadoes is expected tomorrow. Be advised to stay indoors.

Cooler: Oh no....

Gusty: Oh yes!

Part Two

(Later, Cooler is holding Gusty so that he won't leave.)

Cooler: Gusty, no! You'll get killed out there!

Gusty: I've done this a million times! I know what to do!

Cooler: And suppose you get killed on the million and first time.

Gusty: No way. I'll show you.

Cooler: Catgut! Sen Sen! Stop him!

(Catgut and Sen Sen hold Gusty.)

Gusty: Let me go or I'll throw you in that tornado!

Sen Sen: Pfft! Like you have the strength to do so. I've been through worse situations.

Gusty: Oh yeah? Watch this!

(Gusty lifts Sen Sen with one hand.)

Sen Sen: What the...?!

Gusty: Now get out of my way!

(Gusty tosses Sen Sen into a laundry basket and tries to get away, but the alarm is set off.)

Cooler: There's the alarm.

Gusty: And that's my cue.

(A net drops on Gusty.)

Gusty: What the...?!

Cooler: Good work, Howler.

(Howler is shown holding a net launching gun.)

Howler: Aroo! Thanks, Cooler.

Gusty: When I get out of here, I'm gonna turn you jerks into soap!

Sen Sen: I'd like to see you try. By the way, how are you gonna turn us into soap?

Gusty: I don't know. First thing that came to mind.

Sen Sen: Hmm. Whatever. Anyway, you're not going out there.

Gusty: I can and I will... somehow.

Sen Sen: (Whispering to Cooler) Should we put a leash on him?

Cooler: (Whispering) I don't think so.

Sen Sen: Well, what else do you expect me to do, let him run outside?

Cooler: I don't think he can get out of there.

Sen Sen: OK.

(Sen Sen leaves.)

Catgut: I can't believe that we have another tornado to expect.

Gusty: Scaredy-cat.

Catgut: (Glaring at Gusty) What did you call me, jerk?

Gusty: Scaredy-cat.

Catgut: Try that again.

Gusty: Scaredy-cat.

Catgut: Okay, you asked for it!

(Catgut throws a punch but Gusty ducks and pounds on Catgut's wrist. Catgut and Cooler are shocked by Gusty's strength and agility.)

Gusty: Anything else?

Catgut(nervous): No.

(Catgut leaves to tend his hand.)

Cooler: Okay, Gusty. You're getting out of hand here.

Gusty: Just let me out of here and I'll calm down.

Cooler: We don't want you to get hurt out there.

Gusty: Don't worry. I've been doing this for years.

Cooler: Are you sure about that?

Gusty: Yes. Now let me out, PLEASE!

Cooler: Well... since you said please, all right.

(Cooler releases Gusty.)

Gusty: Thanks. And don't worry. I'll be fine.

(Gusty goes outside.)

Cooler: I hope so.

Part Three

(Gusty is seen standing outside. Cooler, Sen Sen and Catgut watch from afar.)

Catgut: Cooler, may I ask what gave you the idea of letting Gusty outside when they just announced another tornado outbreak?

Cooler: It's what he wants. We shouldn't stop him.

Sen Sen: I agree. He may be your size, but he's unbelievably strong. If we try to stop him, he'll twist our necks off.

Catgut: You don't know that.

Sen Sen: Cooler, do you believe that Gusty is so strong that he'd twist our necks off?

Cooler: We know he's strong, all right, but I don't think he would do that.

Sen Sen: But I've been wrong before.

(The skies get darker.)

Gusty: Come on, twister. Show yourself.

(They then see a group of storm chasers outside the gates.)

Catgut: Hey, Cooler! Look!

(Cooler notices the storm chasers and gets an idea.)

Cooler: Catgut, you just gave me an idea!

Catgut: I did?

Cooler: Yep. Now, listen...

(Outside, Gusty notices the storm chasers.)

Gusty: Ooh, storm chasers.

Storm Chaser: Hmmm... Looks like a big one's coming.

Gusty: Ooh! A big one!

Storm Chaser 2: How big is it?

Storm Chaser: I'd say about.... a couple miles wide.

Gusty: Even better.

Storm Chaser: Well, we better get some good footage of it.

Gusty: Ooh! Those are my owners!

(Cooler, Sen Sen and Catgut is shocked to hear what Gusty said.)

Cooler, Sen Sen and Catgut: Huh?!

Catgut: Did he really just say that?

Gusty: That's where I belong!

(One of the storm chasers notice Gusty.)

Storm Chaser: Hey, look! A cat!

(Gusty waves to them.)

Gusty: Hi, guys! I'm a storm-chaser, too! Want to adopt me?

Storm Chaser: You hear that, Elmer?

Elmer: Yeah, Carol. He says that he's a storm-chaser like us. We could use him.

Carol: (To Gusty) Of course we'll adopt you!

Gusty: Yes!

Cooler: Well, look at that.

Sen Sen: Yeah. It looks like Gusty is going to get adopted.

Catgut: and he continue chasing his dream.

Elmer: (Noticing Cooler) Hey, you! Are you the co-owner of Holly's Puppy Pound?

Cooler: Yep.

Elmer: We'd like to adopt this cat.

Cooler: Okay...

(The sirens go off.)

Cooler: Right after the tornado is over.

Gusty: Well for me, it's time for action.

Elmer: Don't worry about us, young pup. We'll be fine.

(Back inside, the heroes are in the basement again.)

Cooler: I'm sure they know what they're doing.

Catgut: Hopefully, they'll make it out alive.

(Cut to Gusty and his new owners.)

Carol: Are you ready, Gusty?

Gusty: You know it.

(Elmer gets out his camera.)

Gusty: Ooh! It's a big one!

Carol: Here it comes!

Gusty: And here I go!

(The trio drive their car closer and closer to the tornado.)

Elmer: OK, Gusty. You're up!

Gusty: I'm ready!

Elmer: Here we go, Gusty!

(They drive close enough. Cut to the heroes in the basement.)

Catgut: I hope they're OK out there.

Sen Sen: Eh, I'm sure they're okay, Catgut. What could possibly go wrong?

Catgut: I hope you're right, Sen Sen. I hope you're right.

(Cooler comforts Catgut.)

Cooler: He is, Catgut. Don't worry about it.

(Catgut feels the ground rumbling.)

Catgut: Uh-oh. It's here.

Gamma: Don't panic, everyone. You know the drill.

(Gamma forms a barrier around everyone.)

Gamma: On the bright side, at least we don't have that beanstalk crybaby with us.

Cooler and Holly (sternly) Gamma....

Gamma: I know, I know.

(The ground rumbles violently.)

Gamma: Brace yourselves, everyone! It's here.

(The heroes shake.)

Gamma: Holy smokes, it's a big one!


This fan-made episode features the last appearance of Tony Rigs.

This fan-made episode marks the first appearance of Gusty.

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