Mordecai and Flora are the godparents of Gamma, Saul and Rebecca.

Mordecai and Flora
Mordecai and Flora
Mordecai and Flora, Gamma's godparents


Mordecai: 54 years old
Flora: 52 years old


Their godchildren, animals


Kaptain Kid


Gamma, Saul and Rebecca(Godchildren)


Mordecai is an elderly but young-looking man with long, dark hair and angular eyes. He wears a red overcoat, black pants  and black shoes. Flora keeps her dark hair in a bouffant styled haircut and has blue eyes. She wears a magenta shirt, blue pants and a ring on her finger. Like Mordecai, she looks younger despite her age.


Mordecai and Flora were good friends with Gamma's biological parents up until the fatal accident. They are very responsible, diligent, friendly and loved animals. They show concern for their eldest god son's dark personality.


Mordecai can play the cello while Flora can play the violin. In their days, they were expert martial artists.


Mordecai and Flora are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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