Moon Spark is the newest member of the Puppy Cadets.

Moon Spark
Moon Spark
"Moon Spark, the newest puppy cadet"


8 dog years old
5 dog years old(Three years ago)


Her new friends, the moon, moon cakes, crossword puzzles


Cloudy days


Captain Canine(Friend)
Glen and Gwen(Friend)
Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Terra Cotta, and Kaze(Friends)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Nisshoku(Love Interest)
Mizu and Ghas(Friends)
Stellar and Sonar(Friends)
Tempo and Ernst


"The Princess of the Night"


December 21st, 2007


Casual Moon Spark

Moon Spark in casual clothes.

Moon Spark is a West Highland/Yorkshire Terrier puppy with white fur and short, white ears. She wears a purple shirt with a yellow crescent moon on it, a mahogany skirt, a black eye mask, a pink cape, and carries a crescent shaped sickle in her sheath on her back. She keeps her blond her in a crescent shaped pony tail. She also has small eyelashes. Moon Spark also has two tufts on her cheeks and small, facial hair. After three years, Moon Spark started wearing mahogany pajama pants with moon designs on it. She is the same height as Whopper. Her casual attire consists of purple pajamas with yellow crescents on it and sometimes pink slippers.


Moon Spark is sweet, energetic, silly, and playful. She is friendly toward her new friends. She loves moonlight skies and doesn't like cloudy days. Her favorite snack is moon cakes. Moon Spark is best friends with Solar Ray. She speaks in a high voice. At night, Moon Spark loves to tan under the moonlight. She also likes crossword puzzles. Like Cooler, Moon Spark has a goofy laugh. She developed a crush on Nisshoku.


Moon Spark fights back using magic. She also uses her sickle as a weapon.


Moon Spark is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

Moon Spark hails from Wolcott, Indiana.

She is also known as the Princess of the Night.

Her full name is Moon Spark Sampsonite.

Her birthdate was December 21st, 2007.

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