Monopoly(Pound Puppies Edition) is a fan-made board game idea created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918


Cooler and Nose Marie

Violet and Momo

Howler and Amy

Vigor and Precious

Igor and Bright Eyes

Tony and Faith

Marcus and Elaine

Jackie and Fifi


  • Go Space (Earn $20 when You pass GO)
  • Community Chest
  • Whopper's Puphouse ($6 for ownership)
  • Food Tax (Pay $20 or 10%)
  • Basset Bicycle Trail (Railroad/$20 for ownership)
  • Chance
  • Just Visiting/Puppy Prison
  • Food Packing Plant (Utility/&15 for ownership)
  • Rottweiler River Trail
  • Free Parking


Community Chest Cards

Advance to Go (Cooler and Nose Marie both grab a 20 dollar bill)

Win $20 in Raffle (Bright Eyes jumps up as She holds a ticket)

Veterinarian's Bill (Igor with a casted arm and black eye as he is treated by Dr. Simon)

Sell a seashell for top dollar. get $5. (Whopper holds up a sand dollar)

Get out of Jail free (Howler in Prison Attire escapes from His cage)

Go to Jail (Katrina grabs Vigor by the arm)

Great Comedy Show Collect 5 Dollars from Your opponents (Igor and Vigor pull pranks on each other)

Birthday fund matures collect $10 (Igor gives Whopper additional cash)

Pound Rebate, Collect 2 Dollars (Holly gives Momo 2 dollars)

Insurance Policy Pays off Collect $10 (Amy collects money from Her wrecked Pup House)

Hospital Bill, Pay $10 (Nose Marie and Cooler with Their newborns as Cooler pays money to a hand)

Schooling Tax Pay $15 (Cooler gives Whopper some money)

Wedding Fee Receive $1.50 (Howler and Amy in weddingwear receive some money)

Assessed for Pup House Repairs pay $4 per Pup House, 11.50 per Pup Condo (Igor repairs Bright Eyes' Pup House)

Kindly Donation, Receive $1 (Whopper donates some money to a pickle jar)

One-Pup Band Antics Receive $10 (Cooler plays multiple instruments)

Chance Cards

Go to Jail: (Brattina Grabs Whopper by the ear.)

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