Mona Lisa is the oldest child and the only daughter of Tricolor and Tony the Artist.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 3 Years Later
Mona Lisa, the gifted tomboy


7 dog years old
4 dog years old(0.6 human years old)(Three years ago)


Painting, dressing fancy, Jewel, Magic


spicy foods


Tony the Artist(Father)
Dino(Younger brother)
Artie(Younger brother)
Jewel(Best friend)
Magic(Best friend)
Zachary(Love Interest)


Mona Lisa is a Basset Hound/Cocker Spaniel/Retriver mix puppy with black ears, long, black, curly hair, blue eyes, and a long tail. She wears a lavender shirt with a purple heart on it and a purple skirt with pink stripes. After three years, Mona started wearing a purple seater and purple and pink striped pants.


Mona Lisa is kind, passionate, and daring. She shares her parents' creativity. She also loves to paint and dress fancy. Despite her love for fancy clothes, she is a bit of a tomboy and loves to read comic books. She is very good friends with Jewel and Magic. Her siblings and friends call her "Mona" for short. She will stay away from spicy foods because "they'll give you heart burn.". She is not bothered by Dumbo's stupidity. She has a crush on Zachary.


Since she is gifted with creativity, Mona Lisa can paint beautiful pictures. She can also play a toy piano. She is also athletic and is good at swimming.



Mona Lisa is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

She is named after the painting of the same name by Leonardo da Vinci.

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