Momo is a quiet samurai dog who will be a new member of the Pound Puppies.  

New Momo
"Momo, The Samurai Dog"


17 dog years old
14 dog years old(2 Human Years Old)(Three years ago)


Marcus, May, Elaine, Cookie, Cupcake, Fifi, Jelly Bean, Camille, Violet Vanderfeller, bagels, cherry-flavored ice cream


His former owner
Dumbo's stupidity


May, Elaine, and Marcus(Owners)
Camille, Glimmer, Fifi, Jelly Bean, Pamela, Pancho, Anita, Jeanie Purrington, Cookie and Cupcake(Adopted brothers and sisters)
Nose Marie(Former girlfriend)
Violet Vanderfeller(Girlfriend)
Vincent and Taro(Sons)
Misaki and Mitsuki(Daughters)
Nanki Pu(Best Friend)
Wendy(Adopted Sister)
Winter Mist(Adopted sister)
Bartrand, Stephanie, Vivian, Darius, Ian, Jayden, Antonio Saffron, Yakima, and Ethan(Adopted siblings)


Mushi(By Igor)
My Boy(By Marcus)


Action speaks louder than words(When explaining why he rarely talks)

First Appearance

Marcus' Revenge


May 5th, 1998


Momo is a Hokkaido dog with light brown fur. He keeps his hair in a topknot, like the Samurai during the Edo Period of Japan. He wears a rainbow kimono with cherry blossom petal designs and a black belt. Momo has a scar on his nose. He also carries two shinai, which are swords made out of bamboo. For special occasions, such as weddings, he wears geta, which are Japanese sandals. He is the same height as Violet. After three years, Momo has sideburns and wears socks with holes for his toes and no longer wears geta.


Momo is gentle, brave, and rarely speaks. When he does speak, he offers his friends words of wisdom. He is still traumatized because of his early life living with an abusive owner. Momo doesn't hesitate to protect his friends from danger. He loves his owners and his adopted siblings, including Cookie, Cupcake, and Camille, because they treat him with kindness. Momo developed a special bond with Marcus. He had a short relationship with Nose Marie but later fell in love with Violet Vanderfeller. 

His favorite foods are bagels and cherry-flavored ice cream. He is good friends with Tori, his old friend from Japan. Momo likes wearing his blue kimono at the beach, but sometimes he'll remember to wear a swimsuit.


Momo is a skilled swordsman, or swordsdog in his case, and uses his two shinai to keep his enemies at bay. He is also good at playing a flute. Momo can also do a handstand for three hours without difficulty. His handstanding helps brighten Marcus' mood  and make Marcus say "Aw! That's so cute!". He eventually mastered his handstanding technique and can now do it for one month.

Momo is also gifted with the strength of fifty whales. He once bent a metal bar into a boomerang to use against his enemies. He can also whistle into a leaf to sound like a flute. In addition to Momo's handstand technique, he can also his shinai with his feet. Momo can also master kick-boxing and karate. He is also good at writing haikus and songs.


Casual: Rainbow kimono and black belt.

Wedding: Black kimono, brown belt, and geta.

Nighttime: White kimono, red belt, and white socks with holes for his toes.

Summer: Blue kimono with yellow circle designs or rainbow sleeveless shirt and white and black striped swimming trunks.

Three Years Later: Same Kimono, same belt, socks with holes for his toes.

Winter Attire: Rainbow kimono, black belt and aqua scarf.


Momo is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His name, Momo, is Japanese for Peach.

His full name is Momo Miyamoto.

Momo is one of the quietest fan-made characters.

Momo and his biological family hail from Sapporo, Japan.

His birthday is May 5th, 1998.


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