Mizu is a member of the Puppy Cadets.

"Mizu, the serious cadet"


16 dog years old


Training, chicken sandwiches


Goofing off, Dana's stupidity, Denki's pranks


Captain Canine, Judy, Tandy, Glen, Gwen, Gordon Dana, Pyro, Freezer, Kaze, Denki, Terra Cotta, Sombra, Moon Spark, Nisshoku, Stellar, Sonar, Tempo, Ernst, Ferro, and Ghas(Friends)


"Water Cadet"


August 4th, 1999


Mizu is a lanky Hokkaido dog with tan fur and tan ears. She wears a blue and white striped one piece bathing suit with a purple water drop design, blue leg warmers, a light blue cape, and a pink swimming cap. She also has orange eyes, curly, blond hair and red claws on her toes. Mizu is the same height as Marcus. Her casual attire consists of a white dress shirt, blue baseball cap and green pants.


Mizu is the most realistic member of the Puppy Cadets and sometimes pessimistic. She is also intelligent and courageous. She is easily annoyed by Dana's stupidity and Denki's constant pranks. She has no time for playing and usually trains with her mentor, Gamma. She is also loyal toward Captain Canine. Her favorite food is chicken sandwiches with ranch sauce. She has no time for romance.


Mizu is a formidable swimmer and kick-boxer. She is also quick in terms of thinking and running. Her back-up weapon is a baseball bat. She can control water.


Mizu is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Hokkaido, Japan and grew up at Boston, Massachusetts.

Her name is Japanese for "Water."

She is also known as the Water Cadet.

Her birthdate is August 4th, 1999.

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