Mimi-Nose is Nose Marie's youngest sister.

New Mimi Nose
Mimi-Nose, Nose Marie's youngest sister


17 dog years old
14 Dog Years Old(2 human years old)(Three years ago)


Her family,Spudge


Nose Marie(formerly)


Nose Marie(Older sister)
Mario(Older brother)
Cary and Celia(Father and Mother-in-Laws)
Norman and Mariah(Parents)
Martin, Lanford and Beauregard(Nephews)
Jewel, Daisy and Carrie(Nieces)
Washington, Togo, and Linus(Sons)

Real Name

Nose Mimi


Mimi-Nose is a brown boxer/bloodhound mix with blond ears, blue eyes and white feet. Before she joined the Pound Puppies she wore a blue and lavender dress and blue hat with feathers in it and a black necklece and yellow dog tag. When she joined the Pound Puppies, she wears a blue sweater with lavender sleeves and black pants, though she still wears her favorite hat. After three years, Mimi-Nose started to wear a green vest.


Mimi-Nose is sweet, caring and forgiving. She didn't used to get along very well with her sister when she became a Pound Puppy until Nose Marie saved her life from Kaption Kid Stoneheart. She now gets along well with the other members of the Pound Puppies, admires her brother-in-law Cooler, and loves her nieces and nephews. She shows respect for her new owner, TJ Rigs. She is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Mimi-Nose is also a pacifist. She used to have a crush on Bartrand, untilntill she noticed he was her descendant, but she now dates Spudge, and later married him.


Mimi-Nose can play the harp. She is also athletic and can perform tricks on a trampoline.


Mimi-Nose is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Her real name is Nose Mimi.

Her birthday is on December 17th.


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