Millicent Trueblood is a one-time character who appeared in How to Found a Pound.

Millicent Trueblood
HNI 0031
Millicent Trueblood in How to Found a Pound


101 years old(Deceased age)


Animals, Cooler


Katrina Stoneheart

Voice Actress

June Lockhart


Cooler(Good Friend)
Holly(Good Friend)
Katrina Stoneheart(Enemy)




Millicent Trueblood is an elderly woman with gray hair. She wears glasses, a blue shirt, a blue skirt, and blue shoes. When she rescued Cooler, she wore an orange coat, a purple scarf, and purple boots.


Millicent Trueblood was kind and purehearted. She is also an animal lover. Millicent Trueblood has a strong dislike against Katrina Stoneheart.  Millicent stood up against Katrina in order to protect Cooler, Howler, and the other dogs who stayed with her. Before she died, Millicent told the Pound Puppies that she'll be there in spirit.


Like Holly, Millicent Trueblood is gifted with Puppy Power since she has a pure-heart.


Millicent and the Pound Puppies<How to Found a Pound>

It was Millicent who rescued Cooler from the freezing weather and named him Cooler. She then took in Howler and other dogs into her home. However, Katrina Stoneheart threatened Millicent to get rid of the dogs or else. Millicent then found her own puppy pound and most of the dogs were adopted. Millicent Trueblood, after being struck with a terrible disease, passed away.



Millicent Trueblood was neither seen nor mentioned again for the remainder of the TV Series.

According to her age, Millicent Trueblood was born in 1885.

Millicent Trueblood is the only character to die in the show.

Millicent Trueblood is also the first character to have her age revealed in the TV Series.

It is unknown if there are any other relatives in Millicent's family.

Millicent's Voice Actor, June Lockhart was a panelist of the Peter Marshall era of Hollywood Squares.

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