Milady is a female athlete that joins the Pound Puppies.

Milady 3 years later
Milady, the sophisticated sports dog


14 dog years old(Three years ago)
17 dog years old.


Baseball, swimming, strawberry pie, Houndton


Boredom, carrots



Full Name

Milady Bordeaux


Milady is a papillon with brown and white fur. She wears a pink shirt with a blue "2" on it, white pants with two blue hearts on it, and a heart bracelet on her tail. She also has yellow eyes, a pearl necklace, and red hair. After she retired, she now wears a white shirt with s heart on it, a pink skirt, and a white bow in her hair. She still wears her bracelet and pearl neclace.


Milady is fun-loving, spunky, and daring. She is good friends with Jackie, Sawyer, and Houndton. Her favorite activities are playing baseball and swimming. She enjoys eating strawberry pie. She also has a secret crush on Houndton. Milady also shows sophistication. She also speaks with a French accent. She is allergic to carrots. Milady eventually married Houndton.


Milady is a good baseball player and swimmer. She can also sing.


Milady is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

Milady hails from Paris, France, but grew up in Brooklin, New York.

Her full name is Milady Bordeaux.


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