McWhisker is Beamer's old friend from Scotland.

New McWhisker
McWhisker, Beamer's old friend


12 human years old
9 human years old(0.6 cat years old)(Three years ago)


Dancing, Beamer, Lee, July




Beamer(Good friend)
Tori(Adopted sister)
Lee(Good Friend)
July(Former love interest)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Lassie McTerrier(Rival, later friend)


That's messed up.(Whenever he sees something strange.)

Full Name

McWhisker Lochhart


McWhisker is a Scottish Fold kitten with gray fur, whiskers, and short ears. His attire consists of traditional Scottish clothing: A black suit, a white shirt, and a kilt. He also wears an orange bowtail and a green beret with a red "W" on it and a green feather on it. He also has blue eyes. After three years, McWhisker started wearing a blue cape and grew dark hair.


McWhisker is fun-loving, upbeat, friendly, and athletic. He is good friends with Beamer, Lee, and July. He used to have a crush on July until he realized that Lee is July's love interest. His favorite hobbies are dancing, singing, and playing baseball. He is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Like Beamer, McWhisker's favorite foods are scones and tea. Whenever he sees something odd, he replies "That's messed up".


Not only is McWhisker a good dancer, he is also a good singer and can play the bagpipes. He is also a good baseball player and very flexible. He is also skilled at swordsmanship. When combining his dancing and swordsmanship, he became a master of dancing while attacking with a sword.


McWhisker is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

McWhisker was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His full name is McWhisker Lochhart.


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