Mayor Fist is a character from the TV Special and later the TV Series.

Mayor Fist
The Mayor
Mayor Fist, as he was originally seen in the TV Special

Presumed Age

50 years old


Publicity, his son, his cigar




Arnold Fist(Son)

Voice Actor

Sorrell Booke(TV Special)
Frank Welker(TV Series)


Mayor Fist is a large man who is nearly bald with some white hair on the back of his head. He wears a blue suit over a white shirt and a red tie. He also wears blue pants and black shoes with white spats. He also has a cigar in his mouth.


Mayor Fist is tough and pompous. He intends to fire Sidney Bigelow from his job as the Pound supervisor and replace him with his son Arnold Fist, who was tired of working as a garbageman. However, after it is believed that Bigelow captured two notorious dognappers, Flack and Tubbs and hearing about the publicity it would attract, the mayor gave Bigelow his job back and gave him a raise, silencing his son's protests.

The mayor makes a guest appearance in a TV Series episode Bright Lights, Bright Eyes as one of the judges at a pet talent show. He had only one line before being interrupted by Dr. Simon. Despite his tough personality in the TV Special, he enjoyed Bright Eyes' singing and gave Bright Eyes ten points for her performance. He also gave Blabber nine points for his performance.


Sorrell Booke, who provided the voice of Mayor Fist in the special, is best known for his role as Boss Hogg in the 1979-85 TV series, "The Dukes of Hazzard". He continued with his Acting Career until his death on February 11, 1994.

Mayor Fist is the only character in the TV series and the TV Special to have a cigar in his mouth, though Whopper carried a pipe as part of a disguise in one episode of the TV series. He is also the only character in the TV special to smoke.

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