Magic Vanderfeller is the niece of Violet Vanderfeller.

Magic Vanderfeller
Magic 3 years later
Magic Vanderfeller, Violet's niece


6 dog years old
3 dog years old(0.4 human years old)(Three years ago)


Adventures, her family, her cousins




Violet Vanderfeller(Aunt)
Vincent Vanderfeller(Cousin)
Misaki and Mitsuki Vanderfeller(Cousins)
Taro Vanderfeller(Cousin)
Vito and Valerie Vanderfeller(Grandparents)
Akira and Natsume(Grandparents)
Thomas(Love interest)

Real name

Margaret Angelica Vanderfeller


Life is just so awesome!


Magic Vanderfeller

Magic Vanderfeller three years ago

Magic Vanderfeller is a greyhound/bulldog puppy with gray fur and brown ears. She wears a green and blue striped long-sleeve shirt, a purple skirt, and a red bow. She keeps her white hair in two ponytails and has blue eyes. Whenever she casts a spell, her eyes change color(For telekinesis, white; for pyrokinesis, orange; for cryokinesis, ice blue; for psychokinesis, red; and x-ray vision, green). After three years, Magic started wearing a green and blue striped jumpsuit and a polka dot cloak.


Magic is tomboyish, adventurous, and daring. She is good friends with Drumstick, Joanna, Jewel, Diamond, and Lanford. She is also intelligent. Her favorite past time is listening to music, especially operas. Like Martin, she is a big fan of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, especially the Mikado. Whenever she gets excited, she shouts out ""life is just so awesome". She has a crush on Thomas.


Magic is gifted with telekinesis, meaning that she can move objects at will without touching them. She also masters psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, and x-ray vision. She is also gifted with Puppy Power. She can also play the harp.


Magic Vanderfeller is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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