The Long Claws were a group of cats who will join the Pound Purries.


Long Claws 1

From left to right: Templeton Catscratch, Kitty James, and Billy the Kitten

The Long Claws were once a gang of outlaws hired by Kactus Jack Stoneheart to cause trouble at Tossin Town.
Long Claws 2

From left to right: Bella Furr, Glimmer, Cole Yowler, and Wild Bill Hackup

After they learned that Kactus Jack was going to kill them, they sought refuge and joined forces with the Pound Purries.


Long Claws 3

Johnny Ringtail and Korat Masterson

Long Claws 4

Ragdoll Dalton and Whiskers Earp

Their leader was a large siamese cat named Templeton Catscratch. The second-in-command was a tabby named Kitty James. The third-in-command was a very small kitten named Billy the Kitten. Additional members were Bella Furr, Glimmer, Cole Yowler, Wild Bill HackupJohnny RingtailKorat Masterson, Whiskers Earp, and Ragdoll Dalton.


The Long Claws is a fan made group created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Bella Furr and Glimmer were the only female members in the group.

Nine of the Long Claws are named after famous outlaws. Bella Furr is named after Belle Starr; Kitty James is named after Jesse James; Billy the Kitten is named after Billy the Kid; Whiskers Earp is named after Wyatt Earp; Cole Yowler is named after Cole Younger; Johnny Ringtail is named after Johnny Ringo; Ragdoll Dalton is named after Rob Dalton; Korat Masterson is named after Bat Masterson; and Wild Bill Hackup is named after Wild Bill Hickock.

Templeton Catscratch hails from London, England. Kitty James hails from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Billy the Kitten and Bella Furr hail from Arlington, Texas. Johnny Ringtail hails from Boise, Idaho. Whiskers Earp and Cole Yowler hail from Ames, Iowa. Korat Masterson hails from Brooklyn, New York. Wild Bill Hackup hails from Rock Island, Illinois. Glimmer hails from Olympia, Washington. Ragdoll Dalton hails from San Francisco, California. Templeton is the only member of the Long Claws to be born out of the United States.

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