Little Worry Wart/Beamer Goes on a Date is a fan made episode written by Rigsrigsrigs10918, Cartoonlover, and Disneydude15.


Little Worry-Wart: The Gang tries to raise a sorrowful pup's spirits.

Beamer goes on a Date: Catgut tries to ruin Beamer and Maya's Date.


Act 1: Little Worry Wart

Part 1

(At Holly's Puppy Pound, a nervous Austrailian Silky(Worry Wart) walks into the pound. He sees a dragonfly and is startled. He then rushes inside the pound building and bumps into Cooler.)

Worry Wart: Uh oh. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. Please, don't hurt me.

Cooler: Hurt you? Why would I do a thing like that?

Worry Wart: Be-be-because I bumped into you.

Cooler: That's okay. It was only an accident. What's your name?

Worry Wart: My name? Oh... they call me Worry Wart.

Cooler: Why are you called Worry Wart?

Worry Wart: I worry about everything.

Cooler: Oh.

Worry Wart: Do you have any friends?

Cooler: Of course I do. I have plenty of friends. They're a friendly bunch, too.

Worry Wart: They are?

Cooler: Why, absotively!

Worry Wart: Oh. I think I'm feeling a little better.

Next Episode Preview

Vigor: Cooler! Whopper! Everyone! Igor's not in His pup house!

Whopper: Where did He go?

Vigor: I-I don't know! He's just missing!

Igor: Next time, Igor, Come Home Part 1: Igor's Nightmare. It's for the best They never hear from Me again, but don't miss it...

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