Little Paw is the younger sister of Big Paw.

Little Paw
Little Paw
Little Paw, Big Paw's little sister


703 dog years old
700 dog years old


Her brother, puppy power, books


Evil, Being called crazy


Big Paw(Older brother)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Sandra(Best friend)

First Appearance

The Last Warrior of Puppy Power


Little Paw is a Newfoundland Sheepdog/Pug mix with dark fur and white paws. She wears a red and purple shirt, a gray skirt, and a yellow bow. She also carries a sword on her back and has long, gray hair. After three years, Little Paw started wearing gray pants.


Little Paw is kind-hearted, adoring, and calm. She loves her older brother more than anything in the world. She also likes to read and listen to classical music. She finds Dumbo humorous. She was also good friends with the other Warriors of Puppy Power. She is good friends with Sandra. She doesn't like it when others call her crazy.


Little Paw is skilled with her sword and an expert martial artist. She is also a good singer. She can also use star magic from her sword. She is also good at writing poems. She is the vice-president of Sandra's book club.


Little Paw is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She was once a princess from the legendary Isle of Puppy Power.

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