The TV Series' characters wouldn't be completed without the actors and actresses who provided their voices.

Main Voice Cast

Adrienne Alexander as Brattina Stoneheart, Brattina's Ancestor, and Mouseketeer 3.

Ruth Buzzi as Nose Marie, Charlie's Mother, Nose Marie's Ancestor, Woman in the Crowd, Racoon 1, and Muffy.

Pat Carroll as Katrina Stoneheart

Dan Gilvezan as Cooler, Cooler Wolf, Cooler's Ancestor, Canine Cafe Patron, and French Announcer

Nancy Cartwright as Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes' Ancestor, Burlap, and Buddy

Ami Foster as Holly and Spats

Robert Morse as Howler

BJ Ward as Whopper


Frank Welker as Catgut and other additional voices

Special Guest Stars

Barry Dannon as Samuel Quentin

Danny Cooksey as Mervin, Tiny and Casey

Linda Gary as Shauna and Penelope

Dana Hill as Toots and Colin June Lockhart as Millicent Trueblood

Lorenzo Music as Teensy