Lassie McTerrier is Beamer and McWhisker's former rival from Scotland.

Lassie McTerrier
New Lassie
Lassie McTerrier, former rival of Beamer and McWhisker


15 dog years old
12 dog years old(Three years ago)


Dancing, Drumstick, blueberry ice cream


Beamer's constant germ problems


Beamer and McWhisker(Rivals, later friends)
Salem(Best Friend)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Yakima, Yannis, Yuki, and Yai(Descendants)
Scottie and Shannon(Parents)
Laddie McTerrier(Younger brother)

First Appearance

The Trouble with McTerrier


Lassie McTerrier is a Scottish Terrier with Gray fur, a bushy tail with a white tip at the end, and white feet. She wears an aqua jacket with a red "L" on it, a plaid skirt, and a red bow. She keeps her dark hair in a small, pony tail, has green eyes, and small facial hair. After three years she started wearing a red jacket, plaid socks with holes for her toes, and a magenta kilt. She is a few centimeters taller than Beamer.


Lassie McTerrier is smart, sympathetic, and friendly. She used to be is boastful and vain toward Beamer and McWhisker. She is easily annoyed by not only Beamer's constant crying about germs, but also by Dumbo's stupidity. She has a crush on Drumstick. She is also good friends with Tony. Lassie also speaks with a Scottish accent. She isn't good at playing the bagpipes. Her favorite dessert is blueberry ice cream.


Lassie McTerrier is a good dancer. She is also skilled at swordsmanship and kickboxing. Like McWhisker, Lassie McTerrier masters the sword dance. She can also play the bongos.


Lassie McTerrier is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in Quebec, Canada.

Her name is Celtic for "young girl".


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