Lalita and Lolita are the twin daughters of Gupta and Padmi.

Lalita and Lolita
Lalita and Lolita
Lalita and Lolita, twin daughters of Gupta and Padmi


7 years old each


Their parents, their new friends, painting(Lalita), baseball(Lolita), opera


Their father's life of crime


Fifi, Spice, Tony Rigs, Igor, and Jelly Bean(Friends)
Amar and Amir(Love interests)


Lalita and Lolita are twin Bengali tiger cubs with orange fur and black stripes. Lakota wears a green shirt and white pants. Lolita wears a white shirt and green pants. They each wear a red bow, have blue eyes, and short, dark hair.


Lalita and Lolita are each passionate and sweet. Like their mother, Padmi, Lalita and Lolita want their father to reform. Their came true after Gupta reformed and joined the puppy pound. Lalita likes to paint pictures while Lolita likes to play baseball. They are good friends with Spice, Fifi, Igor, Jelly Bean, and Tony. They dream of becoming veterinarians and they look up to Elaine because of her kindness. They also enjoy listening to opera. They have crushes on Amar and Amir.


While Lalita is a good painter, Lolita is an expert at playing baseball and swimming. They can each play flutes.


Lalita and Lolita are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

They were born in Poundsville, Ohio.

Lalita's name is Hindi for "beautiful woman" and Lolita's name is Hindi for "ruby".

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